Travelling thoughts 💭

Hi !

Disclaimer :  I choose to write this article totally in english because it’s the world’s language and it’s a really important part of my life.

Today, I wanted to talk about my personal impressions on life,on travelling and on back to school. Recently, I did a 54hrs travelling adventure to go back home from Australia and I had the chance to have time to Think.

Travelling is an incredible experience that I always tried to share with you because it’s magic. I am really lucky to see all this countries, discover all this different cultures, people and places. It’s really interesting and helpful in life. It built so much souvenirs, so much images on your mind that you can’t erase and share this journey with someone you love is even better.

Travelling is so exciting ! When you are on the road to discover this new adventure, this new country, this new city, you just can’t wait. On the plane, on the car, on the train, you   can’t never imagine how cool it would be. I hope that everybody could one day feel all this emotions.

Travelling is not just about the present, it’s also about the past and the future because you will keep this memories all your life and you’ll remember them during your next trip.

Now, it’s not time to travel for me cause of back to school, a thing less exciting but holidays and travelling has to have an end to be appreciate like precious time.

 From the sky ( Australia )     New Caledonia
Paris IMG_1222 I hope you’ll like this article wrote straight from my heart,


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